Macomb Archer

Macomb Archer

A blend of English post war elegance and sophistication with the reliability and part availability of the most produced German people’s car to be exported to the world. A car with practical engineering and an unwavering sense of style.
The best of 2 worlds. English Grace and classic post war design combined with the precision of German Engineering and desperation. All the looks of the British Marquee without the specter of Lucas Electrics Prince of darkness looming over ever outing. Fun for those nimble enough to get in. Will handle legal freeway speeds with no muss or fuss. Definitely intended for those that value the journey rather than a maddening dash to the destination. Upon arrival the call of a proper English Pint over German lager looms large. With the ease of arrival and a pleasant afternoon to enjoy the sights at least one of each is called for. An open air roadster makes for a splendid afternoon as long as the rains abate. If not zip in side curtains and bring up the heat to warm your bones and dispense with the chill.

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About the Owner: Liberty86


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