1966 F100 Survivor Driver...... Paint details by Mother Nature...
A driver survivor original paint / patina with a '79 300 six punched .030 with a 240 head and Crowler springs,lifters,and rockers witha mild Crane cam that is fed through a Holley 390 and Clifford 6=8 intake and '88 split exhaust manifold that gets its spark from a D.U.I. HEI distributor backed by a Zoom 11 inch clutch and a good ole 3 on the tree going to 3:55 in the rear. Up front has DJM 3 inch drop beams with '79 power steering and power disc brakes With Rocket Racing Wheels at all 4 corners topped off by pinstriping here and there by Mike Kryc.

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About the Owner: Badluck 13


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