Virtual Car Show Rules

1) Select the category that best fits your show entry. The show staff reserves the right to move entries if they are not entered in the category that best fits the vehicle entry.

2) Fan voting will be used to determine show winners. Each visitor to the site can vote for one vehicle in each category. Multiple votes by the same visitor and any bot votes will be cut from the vote total. BONUS VOTES can be accumulated prior to May 22nd by getting “Likes” on your entry up until 11:59pm, May 21st. Every three (3) “Likes” will earn one vote for your entry.

3) All photos must have the vehicle as the primary subject of the picture.  MATC Car Show will reject photos or entries at its discretion if it deems the entry is not in the spirit of the car show.

4) No entries explicitly of a commercial nature will be allowed with the exception of entries by MATC or MATC Show sponsors.

4) All entries will receive the official MATC Car Show dash plaque by mail. Prizes will be awarded in each category.


Enter Your Car

Now thru Midnight May 28

View Cars

May 20 thru May 30

Virtual Car Show and Voting

May 30

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